After 4 years, 10 band members and just one 7" single ( released by Chris Stover of DC hardcore/noise legends VOID ) to show for it, the debut full length from doubted, provincial San Francisco 5-piece Killer's Kiss is out now.

The self titled album smelts abrasive psychedelic punkrock scuzz, shameless classicrock touches and gauche garage pointy-headed tribute as cut in a doctored-up and disconcertingly catchy manner during sessions with Greg Ashley ( Gris-Gris )  and   Tim Green ( Louder Studios ) throughout the last year or so.

A third session with Scott Derr (Monoshock, Blackjack Records) originally intended for the album will be represented on future singles.

Killer's Kiss is Ian McLean (drums, alumni of original Rip Off Records bands The Spoiled Brats and The Spastics), Jen Hale (organ, ex-bassist of Seattle synthpunks The Cripples) , Chas Glynn (bass, rock scribe weirdonaire in SCRAM Magazine & both SCRAM books), Clark Mosher (lead guitarist) and Chris Owen (guitar/vocal).

Also featuring:  Greg Ashley on various instruments on various songs and Jay Rosen (longtime Legendary Stardust Cowboy guitarist, ex-Muskrats) playing lead guitar on a short outro instrumental snippet of Billy Swan's 70s pop/rockabilly classic "I Can Help."


" Taking their name from a great Stanley Kubrick film, Killer's Kiss are a loud garage quintet also hailing from San Francisco. Their debut single, Gotta Lotta Love/Backslider (Blue Bus BB003 7") is a basic, timeless grunt pack of tunes recalling "Kill City"-era Stooges, all those extremely crunchy giants of the early 90s Austin punk scene, and every drunk you ever saw swaying in a club at 3am with pants as stinking as they were wet. Indeed I might go so far as to say that I had soiled myself to the sound of these titans, but that would be a goddamn lie. Still, given the right set of circumstances, who is to say this will always be true?"


" Big guitar crunch and 60s organ piping hot in the background calls to mind a sloshed 1am beer party in a basement somewhere, courtesy of a very OBLIVIANS and LYRESian debut from this San Francisco 5-piece...I like it, especially the rollicking Stones-like B-side."

MONTY BUCKLES THE LAMPS  in a private email he doesn't know I'm sharing with you.

"These are some infectious grooves"

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Killer's Kiss
Abused / Mondo Jobless


7-inch: $5.00

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Killer's Kiss
Hard for You / Do it Again


7-inch: $5.00


Killer's Kiss
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