Anyone who has shown even a passing interest in the garage rock underworld over the past 10 years has to have on some level encountered cranky, contrarian traditionalist blues punk John Schooley.  Having recorded for Crypt (with the seminal roots-stomp Revelators), Sympathy for the Record Industry (with Jack Oblivian's South Filthy), Voodoo Rhythm, Dropkick, Gearhead (with his most recent band the Hard Feelings) and Goner (whose first release was a John Schooley One Man Band 7"), played with Fat Possum blues legend R.L. Burnside and personally chauferred one-man band godhead Hasil Adkins, it would be pretty difficult to ignore this fucking guy's commitment to his music and the music he loves. 

As one would expect, Scooley's stubborn "Rebel Against the Future" stance has found much more favor outside his beloved US of A(ssholes).  While 2005 will probably go down as The Year One Man Bands Broke, Schooley is rightfully acknowledged as one of the primary modern progenitors of the form.  Multiple tours of Europe and Australia have brought deserved aclaim from longtime fans of his former bands and converts to his basic one man band approach. 

These recordings, recorded on the Australian version of America's NPR, were made during his last Australian tour and aptly capture the the essence of his primal blues-based reportoire.  It includes covers of Bukka White's "Aberdeen Mississippi", Elmore James' "Look On Yonder Wall", Joe Hill Louis' "Tiger Man" and Junior Wells' "Two Headed Woman". 

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John Schooley and his One Man Band: "Live on Australian Radio"
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John Schooley And His One Man Band - John Schooley and His One Man Band