Not to be confused with the well-known series of similarly monikered Hank Williams offspring, HANK IV is a San Francisco primitive bombastic rock combo trafficking an ill-advised mix of dual-guitar histrionics, panic-skiffle drum beats, craw-stick melodics and straw-boss vocal gymnastics.

In little more than a year, Hank IV have built a reputation as one of the Bay Area's most thoroughly entertaining (that is: way hard-rockin, hilarious, unpredictable, dance-worthy, snappy & wry) live acts, winning over both early twenty-something Mission sceneutantes and grizzled Revolver staffer/lifer types in a series of memorable, each-one-better-than-the-last, shows with the Country Teasers, Times New Viking, Quintron, Pterodactyl, Blowfly, Hospitals, Battleship and a heck of a lot more.

Now, despite the odds, these aged and well-bred gentlemen of taste and leisure have delivered a real thinking, drinking man's rock record.  Recorded by Eli Crews (Erase Errata, Crime, Deerhoof, Flying Luttenbachers, No Doctors, Total Shutdown, XBXRX) at New Improved Recordings in Oakland, CA and mixed by Tim Green (The Fucking Champs, Melvins, Comets on Fire, Flakes) at Louder Studios in San Francisco, Hank IVs Third Person Shooter promises to be one of 2006's most bafflingly beloved releases.  Indeed, "Who will mourn the talking mime?!"


"What teacher's lounge did these guys meet in? These over 35s knocked out some great Crime meets Chain Gang meets Viletones meets Styrenes punk rock that hearkens back to the dark grunt of late 70s Frisco punk, while remaining fresh. And now that I know that this band is made up of former members of Icky Boyfriends, Resineators, Mr & Mr & Mr & Mr Evil, Leather Uppers, Bum-Kon, and at least a dozen more bands. It really should be no surprise that these music freaks are one of the better bands I've heard in a frog's leap" - Scott Soriano, Terminal Boredom

"Incredibly brainy, powerful and genuine twin-guitar punk rock played by folks who have seen, done and snorted it all. Third Person Shooter is one of the year's top punk albums, offering up a powerful take on Rock'N'Roll with million dollar smarts and a drug-addled, spiteful 70s punk mood, minus all the smirks and fashionable clichés. Hook Or Crook Records went all out on this pup, including a CD version inside every colored vinyl LP. You have no excuse, motherfuckers!" - Mitch Cardwell, Maximum Rocknroll

"Whoa, check out singer Bob McDonald's moves; part Sally Can't Dance era live Lou Reed herk, part 'She Lost Control' era Ian Curtis jerk, part Jack LaLanne dedication, part Robbie Robot spazz arms from 'Lost In Space', part Robert Shields in sweat-face. Awesome! The rest of the band was killin too, the twin guitars were like the sonic attack of Bailey/Kuepper from prime era Saints, the bassist was throwin down solid & the geezerly dude on drums looked like he was wound pretty tight too. His arms & feet couldn't stop! It was great." - Siltblog

"Smart, cliché free, punk rock with the kind of edge you find in mid 70s CLE punk or Crime-ridden San Francisco . Nine strong songs pack this puppy, three of which (Melonhead, Tonight We Ride, Crime of the Scene) are great and one of which lands in my all time classic punk songs list. That one classic is Hole in My Eye, a tune with the drive of the Viletones' Screaming Fist, but a bit smarter. How good is it? I am writing this from the emergency room because Hole in My Eye kicked my balls so damn hard they have swollen to the size a grapefruits. I might have the doctor replace them with a pair of steel ball bearings. I wanna be ready the next time I see them live. Really. I am not lying to you." - Scott Soriano, Zap Gun

"A sick combination of Volcano Suns and Blue Cheer and Chain Gang!" - DJ Terre T, Cherry Blossom Clinic, WFMU

Fun Facts:
* Hank IV includes former members of Icky Boyfriends, The Roofies, Resineators, Coup de Grace, Mr & Mrs & Mr Evil, Leather Uppers, El Camino Cha-Cha Orchestra, and historical revisionist darlings, Bum Kon.

* Hank IV, under the guise of "The Themeweavers, LLC" recently won the theme song contest for Tom Scharpling's The Best Show on WFMU.

* Hank IVs EP, Silenzio et Morte , was named the #3 Demo of 2005 by DJ Terre T., WFMUs Cherry Blossom Clinic show.

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Hank IV: "Third Person Shooter"
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