Hailing from the surprisingly fertile breeding ground of Montreal, Quebec, Demon's Claws have quickly made a name for themselves as one of the most chaotic, exciting live bands in a scene populated by some of the most entertaining bands going.  Drummer Skip Jensen will be familiar to many as an alumni of original Montreal trash rockers the Scat Rag Boosters and his One Man Band recordings, although songwriting falls squarely on singer and heavily country influenced guitar player Jeff Clarke (aka Royce Muckler aka Lester Del Ray).  And like friends, members of and sometime collaborators with bands like the Cut-Offs, King Kahn & BBQ, Royal Routes, Sunday Sinners, CPC Gangbangs, Mighty Go-Go Players, Mind Controls and other offspring of the Spaceshits/Sexareenos/mid-90s Montreal garage punk boom, Demon's Claws have continued to evolve their songcraft and explore the possibilities of increasingly primitive sounding recording techniques.

On this 7 song 12" EP Demon's Claws recorded in the basement studio of Hook or Crook co-honcho James Arthur (Fireworks, Necessary Evils, A Feast of Snakes, Golden Boys) with Golden Boys head dick Matt Hoopengardner and some additional field recordings made during a drunken midnight voyage into a n abandoned well.  Sounding something like a young Chris Bailey fronting a sped up mid-period Scientists dicking around with the Back from The Grave songbook and the blues, these recordings represent a band captured halfway through their first US tour under ungodly influences (not the least of which was the oppressive Texas hill country summer heat). 

Since these recordings were made, Demon's Claws have played the 2005 Goner Records Gonerfest in Memphis and opened for a reunited Oblivians at the 2006 Horizontal Action Blackout festival in Chicago.  They will release their next full length album on In The Red Records, comprised of recordings made with DM Bob in Germany and Hunches/Black Lips producer Mike McHugh at the Distillery in Costa Mesa California.

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Demon's Claws: "Live in Spring Branch, TX"
HOOK 005 7-song mini-LP

Download: "Shadow of a Castle"
Download: "Huntin' on the 49"

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Demon's Claws - Live In Spring Branch, TX